Programmes for Business

“Our most important asset is our people. And yet accountancy rules make it literally impossible to reflect this on the balance sheet” – John Diebold, CEO Diebold Group

“The single biggest challenge facing managers… is to raise the productivity of knowledge and service” – Peter Drucker

Not all training is about technical skills for the job. Companies need to invest also in training in the “soft” skills for their staff and in their corporate culture – skills such as effective communication, engagement, collaboration, confrontation & conflict management, constructive feedback techniques etc. Frequently a company has less to fear from external competitors than from internal lethargy, complacency, miscalculation and inefficiency.

The achievement of business goals can be sabotaged or stifled by the very people the company employs. An engaged workforce can create real competitive advantage.

Leaders must show that they value employees by providing challenging and meaningful work with opportunities for personal development and advancement.

SF services have developed a range of programmes for both individuals and groups or teams. Your staff can learn how to set clear objectives, build trust, secure collaboration, encourage contribution, measure progress, provide constructive feedback and establish healthy boundaries.


Programmes at a glance:

  • Insight programme – helps individuals to discover the reasons and motivation for their behaviour, feelings, and thinking. It will challenge thoughts by using methods that bring the subconscious mind to the conscious foreground and so developing a self-awareness that encourages effective change.
  • Personal Change Programme – Encourages deeper self- insight, social insight, self -control and social power. This Continuous Personal Development course is independently recognised as being designed to the highest professional standards.
  • Positive psychology – to identify factors such as character strengths, optimism and resilience. It can help leaders manage the bad times much better when they focus on employee strengths, praise, linking rewards to performance results, helping employees become better self-managers, and maintaining a cheerful, positive and optimistic attitude regardless of what is happening.
  • Continuous personal development (CPD) in areas such as Impact and Influencing, Managing Difficult Personalities in the Workplace and Effective Communication Skills.
  • Mentoring & coaching – independent and objective support to challenge thinking, encourage confident decision making, provide facilitation or mediation.
  • Counselling – an effective way for employers to improve or maintain the healthy functioning of the workplace. Support those who have personal or family relationship difficulties; bullying, redundancy, loss and bereavement, critical illness, cultural change, depression and other psychological conditions, financial or, legal problems, substance misuse, anger issues etc
  • Trauma support – Design of Critical Incident plans

What do our clients say about our Programmes for Business?

“Helped me to understand how I react to others and the impact that has on them. Really helped me to structure my thoughts around development for not only me but also my team. It has given me tasks/tips on how to manage/interact with different people. Sessions have been extremely helpful on a very professional and also on a personal basis.”

Head of Marketing Department

“Suzannah’s excellent communication skills helped the department to establish new business leads. She contributed towards the growth of this department by bringing forward new ideas and ways of working.” Learning and Development, MH Consultant

“We identified the core leadership team for the future and Suzannah has led a personal development programme tailored to each individual. Personal insight and communication skills have improved remarkably”. Company Director

“Made me feel differently about myself and others – along with how I react to different situations” Team Leader

“I feel I have a clear understanding of what I need to do achieve my goals. Everyone should do this” Brand Manager

“I feel much more aware of why I respond to situations as I do and I have a focus on what to change” Senior Marketing Manager

“The coaching enabled me to pinpoint specific areas to ‘focus and move forward’. I have complete confidence in the confidentiality of the process and would recommend it to my peers”

Team Leader

“Highlighted aspects of myself/personality I hadn’t realised were an issue”

Line Manager

“I feel much more aware of why I respond to situations as I do and I have a focus on what to change”

Senior Marketing Manager

“I now feel I’m at the start of understanding myself and where I need to go/need to do to get there”

Public Relations Professional

“The report was very interesting and helpful. And the time you spent with *** has really helped her come out with a more positive attitude”

Head of Service - Private Sector

“It has made me understand that I can offload other peoples’ problems and to talk through my own in manageable steps. I have learnt to communicate better” Professional - Public Sector

“That evening, following the workshop, ** was talking with her son on his level, listening and responding to him for the first time. He hugged her and said he loved her. He went to sleep with no issues for the first time in a long time. The next morning there were no issues and no conflict – this is a new positive behaviour” Social Worker

“Training programme was a fantastic journey into myself. Thoughts, feelings and also relationships. An awakening, a start of a new journey. Much to be optimistic about. Massive self-awareness…a series of epiphanies. Very Insightful. Everyone should have the opportunity to understand themselves better. A chance to become the adult and released from childhood constraints. Thanks very much. More hard work ahead but the benefits are limitless.”

Head of Department

“I am motivated. Driven to make a real change. I want to read, learn more and experience more.”

Head of Department

“The sessions have highlighted my communication faults. They have allowed me the space to explore issues and areas of my life that would not have received the attention they deserved. It broke some illusions and provided me with the knowledge and tools required to make change”

Senior Developer and Systems Administrator

“The training programme helped me to find ways of learning to avoid negative impacts and to gain a better understanding of myself. It has been a treat working with Suzannah. She is very empathetic yet challenges you to get you where you need to go. I would recommend this to others”

Customer Database Assistant