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“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  Mahatma Ghandi

If you understand how you think and why,
you can change you how feel and choose what actions to take.

Our Programmes

Counselling and mentoring service for individuals

Programmes for You

Sometimes we can feel overwhelmed or vulnerable or even out of control. There is no disgrace or weakness in admitting this – these are all normal and can happen to anyone, at any time of their life.

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Programmes for Business

“Our most important asset is our people. And yet accountancy rules make it literally impossible to reflect this on the balance sheet” John Diebold, CEO

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Programmes for Schools

Tackling mental health problems early in life improves educational attainment, employment opportunities and physical health, and reduce the levels of substance misuse, self-harm and suicide as well as family conflict and social deprivation.

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Meet Suzannah

Suzannah Ridgway MNCS (Snr Accred); MBACP; MCYP; MAAMET

Suzannah Ridgway, is the Director of SF Services and was independent from a very young age. Since she can remember, she has employed active listening and observation in understanding the true motivations of people. She has a genuine belief in our own ability to overcome, and to succeed, no matter what journey our lives have taken.

Her early career was in business development. This included training & leading teams and she secured business partnerships with some of this country’s top employers. Suzannah is now an Approved Clinical Supervisor, Registered Senior Accredited Counsellor and EFT Practitioner and she continues to build highly effective relationships rooted in trust. With her acute emotional intelligence, she has a real ability to connect deeply and so instil positive and sustainable change.

She has worked within both Private and Public Sectors, as well as Voluntary Sectors and registered Charities. Rooted in a Person Centred approach, she has: relieved personal trauma, trained poor performers, supported cultural change, addressed redundancy situations, and reduced staff absenteeism in the workplace.

At a Glance:

  •  Individual, Couples and Group Counselling; Children and Adults
  • Clinical Supervision
  •  Critical Incident De-briefing/Counselling
  •  Professional and Personal Development Training and Workshops
  •  Author of: To Tell You My Truth
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“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears”  Nelson Mandela